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When it comes to criminal defence, you need someone you can rely on during your time of need. Stephen R. Wojick has over 30 years of experience in representing the rights of those charged with a variety of crimes in Calgary. Regardless of the nature and gravity of your criminal charge, I will craft a solid defense for you and negotiate for the best course of action for you in court. From fraud to drug offences to assault charges, I am the defense attorney in Calgary that you need to trust.


Practice Areas

My job as your lawyer is to simplify your legalities and advocate for your rights in court. You can rely on me to provide you with high-quality defence regardless of your crime's nature and gravity. The crimes that I defend in Calgary include:

  • Impaired Driving/Serious Driving Offences: There is a range of driving offences that you can be charged with, ranging from Driving Under Influence (DUI) to failing to stop for the police.
  • Drug Offences: Similar to driving offences, there are various ways to be charged with a drug offence. Some charges can be as simple as the possession of a controlled substance or as severe as drug trafficking. 
  • Domestic Violence: Assault involving family members or a romantic partner is considered to be domestic by the law. The law concerning domestic violence is incredibly severe. 
  • Assaults: Various assault charges cover different scenarios, but they all have one thing in common - violence, or the threat of it, used intentionally to cause harm. Examples of standard assault charges are aggravated assault and assault with a weapon. 
  • Home Invasion: Breaking into a home is a serious charge with grave consequences. It covers several situations, even including one where you enter a house uninvited. 
  • Manslaughter/Murder: Whatever the conditions surrounding manslaughter might be, it is one of the law's gravest offences, with serious repercussions. It is recommended to have a lawyer to represent you in court.
  • Speaking to Sentence: An opportunity to communicate your final thoughts and concerns to the judge before sentencing is determined.
  • Sex Offences: Charges of sexual offences depend significantly on the factors surrounding the crime. Various factors include things like the victim's age, and the kind of force used impacts the type of charge you are given. 
  • Robbery/Burglary: Robbery is considered a serious violent offence, with severe consequences. The court considers factors like the use or the threat of violence while deciding your sentence. 
  • Credit Card & Other Fraud: Fraud denotes a wide variety of activities that involve being dishonest with someone to benefit in some way. The consequences of fraud depend on whether its monetary value was under or over $5,000.
  • Firearms & Weapons Offences: Firearms are highly regulated in our country, with several laws concerning them. You can face many kinds of charges, including possession of an unauthorized firearm and even pointing a firearm at someone. 
  • Young Offenders: Although the categories of offences don't change, special rules apply to offenders between the ages of 12-17, including their right to a lawyer, even if they can't afford one.  


To have success in your case, you need an experienced and knowledgeable defence attorney. Stephen R. Wojick offers his services at a flat rate, so extra calls and meetings don’t cost you more money. Choose a diligent and thorough criminal lawyer; choose Stephen R. Wojick.


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Why Should One Hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer?

  • The law is complicated. It is not as simple as it appears on the television crime shows. When you hire a defence lawyer you get the benefit of his knowledge.
  • A defence crime lawyer will ensure that all your paper work is filled and filed correctly. This helps you in meeting all your important deadlines and incurs delays.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that they are often able to get your penalties reduced.

So, if you have been charged or arrested with a crime, seek counsel from our reliable criminal defence lawyer in Calgary.


Associations & Distinctions:

  • Calgary Bar Association
  • Criminal Defence Lawyers Association
  • Criminal Lawyers Association
  • Law Society of Alberta
  • Instructor for the Third Year Trial Advocacy Course at the University of Calgary Law School
  • Received Undergraduate Degree from Brock University
  • Attended Graduate School at York University
  • Received Law Degree from the University of Calgary

Stephen R. Wojick has extensive knowledge of defence cases, as well as knows all the laws and procedures thoroughly. He effectively analysis the allegations, laws and the processes you may face and then develops a defence strategy accordingly. Mr Wojick is a respected criminal defence lawyer in Calgary.


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